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I am trying to port the following code to mirror My App's display to an external display via the VGA adapter.

This code optionally accesses UIGetScreenImage(); which returns a CGImageRef object. How can i call this Private API from Monotouch? I want to use this method only for an internal build of my app for trade shows.

I have seen several solutions, but none talks about how to call a selector with a return type.

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CGImageRef's MonoTouch wrapper, CGImage, has a static property ScreenImage. You can get a screenshot with this property, I haven't used it though.

Details on binding Objective-C objects (including returning selector values) can be found here:

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A note to anyone who reads this: CGImage.ScreenImage will not work on the simulator, but it does work on the device. – Chris Kooken Feb 9 '11 at 16:02

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