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I'm trying to configure a WCF service (which will be consumed by a php website(!)) to use the ASP.NET Membership provider using SQL Server.

After wasting my time on MSDN I found out here that I had to use a certificate to establish a communication with the service. Thanks to this blog I managed to make everything work but now I have the problem that I always have to send credentials to execute any WCF method, while I'd need to ask for credentials only for some of them.

I've been using ASP.NET Membership Provider for ASP.NET web apps, and I had just to set in the web.config to allow access to anonymous users.

I tried the same on the service config but it doesn't seem to work.

The error I get is :

"The username is not provided. Specify username in ClientCredentials."

I'm new to WCF, maybe I can't use WCF and Membership provider this way...I'm confused.. Any clue?


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check this WCF & ASP.NET Membership Provider

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Thanks Santosh but it didn't help me much.Also it looks like PHP can't communicate my service using wsHttpBinding.I'm more and more confused.Does this mean I can't use Sql Membership Provider at all?? –  matteo75 Feb 9 '11 at 15:15

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