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New to underscore.js. I am pretty much looking for an example on how to use [context]/[context] inside the iterator.

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The context parameter just sets the value of this in the iterator function.

var someOtherArray = ["name","patrick","d","w"];

_.each([1, 2, 3], function(num) { 
    // In here, "this" refers to the same Array as "someOtherArray"

    alert( this[num] ); // num is the value from the array being iterated
                        //    so this[num] gets the item at the "num" index of
                        //    someOtherArray.
}, someOtherArray);

Working Example: http://jsfiddle.net/a6Rx4/

It uses the number from each member of the Array being iterated to get the item at that index of someOtherArray, which is represented by this since we passed it as the context parameter.

If you do not set the context, then this will refer to the window object.

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What's the advantage of that? Why not just refer to someOtherArray[num] rather than this[num]? –  csjacobs24 Jan 28 at 14:23
@csjacobs24: It's common to have a set of reusable functions that wouldn't have access to the local variable scope. Here's a simple example: jsfiddle.net/a6Rx4/745 –  squint May 16 at 20:26

context is where this refers to in your iterator function. For example:

var person = {};
person.friends = {
  name1: true,
  name2: false,
  name3: true,
  name4: true

_.each(['name4', 'name2'], function(name){
  // this refers to the friends property of the person object
}, person.friends);
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