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Is there any way to make Eclipse + Android SDK + ADT Plugin offer some sort of auto-complete in XML files if I hit CTRL+Space when my cursor is in a spot such as the ones marked with an * below.

<LinearLayout id* ... lay*>

The thing is that I think that the above was actually working already directly after the initial install - even though it of course never worked within style files.

<style name="ActionBarWrapper" parent="Fill_Parent.Vertical">
        <item name="android:layout_height">36dp</item>
            <item name="a*"

Thanks a lot for any kind of lead in the right direction.

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There is an icon in the eclispe toolbar to directly access the "new android xml file" wizard.

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Since this actually solves the problem (that I, as it turned out, kinda created all by myself) I decided to pick this as the correct answer. Thanks a lot!! –  Bruiser Feb 16 '11 at 15:11
Glad I could help :o) –  Regis St-Gelais Feb 17 '11 at 11:31

You could use IntelliJ IDEA instead of Eclipse, it has full auto-completion and works well for Android development.


The Community Edition fully supports Android, and is FREE

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That's a nice idea and I am fully aware of the additional benefits that come along with using IntelliJ but unfortunately that's not really the solution I am looking for. –  Bruiser Feb 9 '11 at 17:55

The latest ADT plugin (r9) does have partial auto complete feature in the layout xml. for example, if you type ctrl-spacebar while the cursor is between 2 tags, you get the list of all avaliable tags (views and layouts). If your cursor is inside a tag, you get a list of all avaliable attributes.

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First of all: Thanks for the good advice everybody. Not sure if the following should be an answer or a comment. Going for the answer because comments do not allow enough characters.

After trying out some eclipse plugins (like Rinzo XML Editor ) I found out that it actually worked for some files while it did not work at all for others. After some testing I am now under the impression that there is a difference between creating XML files via...

New > XML


New > Other > Android > Android XML File

I double checked that even when both files have exactly the same content (xml-version, encoding, namespace etc.) they behave differently with regards to auto-code-completion depending on the way of file-creation. I also checked the file properties but could not make out any significant differences. Obviously it must be something local or some meta stuff I am overlooking.

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I think the different behavior is because when you create the file using "New->XML" the wizard opens the file using the default associated editor to xml content.

If you create a file using "New->Other->Android->Android XML File" I think the wizards tries to open the xml file using a specific xml editor, instead of the one you have configured as default, in this case Rinzo I guess.

In the second case why don't you try finding the xml file in either "Package Explorer" view or "Navigator" view, right click on the xml file and selecting Rinzo through the "Open With" option.

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