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I am trying to apply a Image sharpening 2D filter kernel(Laplacian) on a Image in my proprietary Image/Video processing pipeline(From Camera raw to final JPEG/MPEG). I plan to perform 2D convolution of this Laplacian kernel with the 2D image array to sharpen the image. My questions is :-

What is the most suitable colour space to apply this image sharpening filter to get best output image quality

a) Should I apply this filter on each component(R,G, & B) in the RGB space?


b)Should I apply this in the YUV space and only on Y component (or should it be also applied on U and V components)?

Any pointers will be useful.

EDIT: I asked this here, since I plan to do it programatically, myself. No external tool.

thank you.


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Probably do it to only the Y in YUV.

In RGB you would have to be careful not to introduce color fringing.

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That's right, and the effect is demonstrated in this answer to the same question: photo.stackexchange.com/questions/8479/… –  ysap Jul 25 '11 at 5:28

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