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This is my thinking so far:

Create Custom module which is fired by an event listener when Admin Magento Website triggers event:


So far so good...

QUESTION 1 How do I get the methods from the observer class which relate to the data I need to be able to replicate this request across every active store?

QUESTION 2 I realise I will need a Helper class to fetch all the websites which need to be As a secondary question is there a magento class/function which fetches list of websites in an install?

QUESTION 3 Apart from adding logic to check if the chosen product/category has an associated product/catalog in each of the store which is getting the new rewrite, are there any other checks I should make?

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ANSWER 1: var_dump($observer) is a good start but this will allow me to retrieve the data in preparation for replication:

$request = Mage::app()->getFrontController()->getRequest()->getPost();

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