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I'd like to see what internal libraries are used in my Java project by searching through the code for

import com.mycompany.someproject.path.ClassName;

Let's say that my project's title is 'myproject'. What regex would match all lines that begin with

import com.mycompany.

and exclude:


Matched lines would be:

import com.mycompany.tool.path.SomeClass;
import com.mycompany.sallysproject.path.SomeOtherClass;

and exclude all internal project imports:

import com.mycompany.myproject.*
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This should work:

import com\.mycompany\.(?!myproject\.).*


import com\.mycompany\. - The line must start with import com.mycompany.. Pretty self-explanatory; note that we need to escape the periods -- \. -- so that they actually match periods, and not "any character".

(?!myproject\.) - This is called a "negative lookahead". The overall match will succeed only if the pattern inside the parentheses (except for ?!) does not match.

.* - Anything after import com.mycompany. (except for myproject.) will be matched.

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