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I would like to be able to paint on top of my subviews, or in other words: have an overlay that does not block the events. So far I discovered: - any instructions in drawRect are painted below subviews, - putting a transparent UIView on top blocks events.

Is there another trick I can try?

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Use a transparent UIView on top, and in IB uncheck "User Interaction Enabled" for that view, then input events will go down to your controls beneath it.

Or, in code do:

UIView *overlayView = [[UIView alloc] init...];
overlayView.userInteractionEnabled = NO;
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To solve this you want to forward the hitTest events. Add the code below to your project, add a UIImageView to your interface, set its Class to ClickThroughImageView and connect the "onTopOf" outlet to whatever UIView is below the image.

The ClickThroughImageView.h file:

  #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

    @interface ClickThroughImageView : UIImageView 
        IBOutlet UIView *onTopOf;     

    @property (nonatomic, retain) UIView *onTopOf;


The ClickThroughImageView.m file

#import "ClickThroughImageView.h"

@implementation ClickThroughImageView : UIImageView
@synthesize onTopOf;

- (UIView *)hitTest:(CGPoint)point withEvent:(UIEvent *)event
    return [onTopOf hitTest:point withEvent:event];

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