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Please take a look at codes below. Four text boxes are displayed.

If I input "1" and "2" to former text-boxes, these are binded as comma-separated "1,2" as I expected.

However, if I input "2001/01/01" and "2001/01/02" in rest of two-boxes are binded "2001/01/01". "2001/01/01" is only binded surprisingly. First parameter seems having a priority to bind.

I want to know where is defined the specifications(HTTP or SpringMVC or ...?) about that in order to understand deeply and accurately. Can someone help me?

public class SampleForm {

    private String name;

    private Date date;

    public Date getDate() {
        return date;

    public void setDate(Date date) { = date;

    public String getName() {
        return name;

    public void setName(String name) { = name;

<form:form modelAttribute="form" method="post">
    <form:input path="name" />
    <form:input path="name" />
    <form:input path="date" />
    <form:input path="date" />
        <input type="submit" name="register" value="register" />
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It's logical. Multiple strings can be represented as one String by being comma-separated. Multiple Date objects can't be represented as one Date object.

You can try using String[] and Date[] instead.

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private List<Date> date= new ArrayList<Date>();

    public List<Date> getDate() {
        return date;
    public void setDate(List<Date> date) { date;

It will solve your problem.

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