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I've created a form that sends two email: 1. To me 2. A confirmation email to the user with a link to some other information

$to ='email@email.com';
$subject ="This is My Subject";
$header="From: $firstName $lastName <$email>";
$message = "Name: $firstName $lastName \n\nPhone: $phone \n\nEmail: $email";

if ( $send_contact ) {
echo "Super fun message";
else {
echo "ERROR";

$to1 = $email;
$subject1 ="This is my email Subject";
$header1="From: email@email.com <email@email.com>";
$message1 = "Thanks check out this <a href="http://link.com" title="">link</a>.";


Problem, I think, is the syntax for the link in $message1 isn't correct... I just can't get it right.

Thanks for your help!

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You are mixing up the quotes, hence confusing the interpreter and resulting into error. Proper way to use in such cases is first ""(double quotes) and then ''(Single quotes) .

The above example is good one. You can refer to that.

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It's because the quotation mark just before the link match the one at the start on $message1, change them to single quotation marks and you should be fine.

$message1 = "Thanks check out this <a href='www.link.com' title=''>link</a>."
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Thanks! That is closer - The page shows up and not just a white screen.. but here's what the email looks like: "Thanks check out this <a href='link.com'; title=''>link</a>." It just displays the code, not a link. Thoughts? –  circleatseven Feb 9 '11 at 16:16
try telling the email that it's html: $message1 = "<html>Thanks.....</a></html>" –  PhilI Feb 9 '11 at 17:04

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