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I am having a problem with ie browsers. I am developing a website where different clients can theme the site to their corporate colors. Part of the design is to have a colored slant background image. To cut down on a new image for each client I want to use a white png with the slant shape being transparent.

Each client has a custom css to override the colors related to the theme, including the body

I tried using

body {
 background-color: new color !important

the problem with this is ie flickers the whole background paints the new color, and then puts the transparent png over it.

So my next solution was to not directly color the body with css, but instead use jquery to recolor the body on $(document).ready

here is my code please note I am getting the custom color value from an off screen div called swatch)

$(document).ready(function() {

            var slantColor = $('.swatch').css('background-color');
            $("body").css('background-color', slantColor);

now I tried this, but the same problem the page loads, the layout appears, but the background color appears across the whole screen, and then the transparent png overlays it.

Lastly The option of making the css a dynamic file is not an option as the main css is currentty 90k and would be taxing to dynamically create the file.

Also please note all the solutions work fine in ff, chrome and safari. its only ie thats a problem and over 80% of the users use ie based browsers.

So I am trying to find a solution where I can have the page render with the overide color behind the transparent png sitting over it with out any flickering.

any suggestions are greatly appreciated


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This is what I would do.

Contain all the content inside a div which has the background image applied.

Change the background property of the body on it's own.

Does it still cause interference?

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