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I'd like to ask for recommendation of a pcap library for python. I'm doing project on .pcap file parsing. I searched google and found pylibpcap. Is there anything else out there? Which lib do you prefer and why?

thank you.

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Try scapy. It is a very powerful program for packet inspection, manipulation and creation.

You can use it to build your own tools.

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I tried that and then tried pcapy. I choose pcapy because my use was similar to an example which I found googling.

http://snipplr.com/view/3579/live-packet-capture-in-python-with-pcapy/ (or see the same code copied below)

import pcapy
from impacket.ImpactDecoder import *

# list all the network devices

max_bytes = 1024
promiscuous = False
read_timeout = 100 # in milliseconds
pc = pcapy.open_live("name of network device to capture from", max_bytes, 
    promiscuous, read_timeout)


# callback for received packets
def recv_pkts(hdr, data):
    packet = EthDecoder().decode(data)
    print packet

packet_limit = -1 # infinite
pc.loop(packet_limit, recv_pkts) # capture packets
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