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      0x0000987C As col1,
      substr(BinaryData,1,4) As col2,
      CAST(0x0000987C  AS SIGNED) As col3,
      CAST(substr(BinaryData,1,4)  AS SIGNED) As col4
SELECT 0x0000987C00000000 AS BinaryData
) d


col1  col2   col3  col4
----  ----  -----  ----
BLOB  BLOB  39036   0

When I look at the BLOB viewer for col1 and col2 they both appear identical (screenshot below).

So why the different results for col3 and col4?


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I think it has to do with data types. BinaryData has an integer data type, but substr(BinaryData,1,4) expects a string. CAST then gets confused with the result. Also, CAST parses strings using base 10, so you need to a little bit of extra work. Try this:

CAST(CONV(substr(HEX(BinaryData),1,8), 16, 10)  AS SIGNED) As col4

It's a monster, but it should give you what you want.

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Yes. That seems to work and the explanation makes sense. Thanks! (+1) A slight amend though I used CAST(CONV(substr(HEX(BinaryData),1,8), 16, 10) AS SIGNED) (Your answer is currently missing the length of the substring) –  Martin Smith Feb 9 '11 at 18:42
Oops. Fat fingers. :( I've edited my response. –  Ted Hopp Feb 9 '11 at 18:54

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