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How can i add list in a generic class? Firstly My generic Class is that:

    public class ScheduleSelectedItems
        private string Frequency;
        List FrequencyDays = new List();
        private string Time;
        private string StartTime;
        private string EndTime;
        private string StartDate;
        private string EndDate;
        private string Name;

        public ScheduleSelectedItems(string frequency,List frequencydays,
                                     string time, string starttime,
                                     string endtime, string startdate, 
                                     string enddate, string name)
            Frequency = frequency;
            FrequencyDays = frequencydays;
            Time = time;
            StartTime = starttime;
            EndTime = endtime;
            StartDate = startdate;
            EndDate = enddate;
            Name = name;

    public class ScheduleSelectedItemsList
        public List Items;

        public ScheduleSelectedItemsList()
            Items = new List();

and i want to add ScheduleSelectedItems into ScheduleSelectedItemsList in form1.cs
Form1.cs codes is here :

private void timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string saat = DateTime.Now.ToShortTimeString();
            string bugun = DateTime.Today.ToShortDateString();
            ScheduleMng smgr = new ScheduleMng();
            ScheduleItemsList schlist = smgr.LoadXml();
            List list = new List();

            for (int i = 0; i = Convert.ToDateTime(schlist.Items[i].StartDate.ToString())
                     && Convert.ToDateTime(bugun) 

slist.Items.Add(list); ----> i don't use theese codes . These error "included some invalid argument" how can you help me? :)

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Version of C# would help? –  AnthonyWJones Jan 30 '09 at 8:18

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Here's what you want, I think:

List<ScheduleSelectedItems> list = new List<ScheduleSelectedItems>();
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Funny! I posted the identical code sample and then got the "Offline for maintenence" page. When it finally appeared, I thought my post had appeared intact. Then I saw it wasn't me! LOL –  Cerebrus Jan 30 '09 at 9:09

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