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The articles tables in my database represents a tree structure in the following way: each record has: CategoryIndex, ArticleIndex, ArticleParentIndex, ArticleLevel. There are up to 3 levels.

I'm trying to use this structure in my mvc app in order to display this tree structure for a certain category, so the structure is:

for categoryindex=1 ----> page1 - I want to display :

articles with ArticleLevel=1, which are contrainers for ==>

articles with ArticleLevel=2 and ArticleParentIndex=(index of respective article with ArticleLevel=1), which are containers for ==>

articles with ArticleLevel=3 and ArticleParentIndex=(index of respective article with ArticleLevel=2).

How is it possible to represent this structure in a view model, and also query the database in the most efficient way for a certain page1 (with categoryindex=1), for example ?

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