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As noted in cc-mode's documentation, functions like c-indent-defun and c-mark-function "can't be used to reindent a nested brace construct, such as a nested class or function, or a Java method." The same goes for c-beginning-of-defun and its ilk.

Does anyone have a solution to get these functions working with Java methods, or maybe Java-specific replacements?

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There's a java-mode that's based on cc-mode. Does it not work for you? If you look in cc-mode source for emacs 23.1, you'll see a bunch of java-specific logic inside the cc-mode elisp files. – Cheeso Feb 11 '11 at 13:43
I am using java-mode, but the functions that involve moving in relation to functions don't work in a useful fashion. As their documentation says, they work on the top-level structure, so in your usual java source file doing c-beginning-of-defun brings you to the top of the class, not the method. If there are other, java specific functions that do work, I certainly can't find them and would greatly appreciate being told what they are. – Brian Gruber Feb 14 '11 at 5:35

I don't use Java, but Emacs has a Java Development Environment. JDEE Jalopy claims to do beautifying work. That should help you get the functions you mention.

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