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I have read the cocoa drawing guide, read numerous blogs, etc. I feel like I'm missing something.

Here is what I'm trying to accomplish and if you have any direction to books, blogs, tutorials, it's much appreciated!

I'm trying to draw a group of rectangles in a custom view, where the user can change the width and height of each rectangle. When the user presses a button, the rectangle appears in the view. They can also move the rectangles around in the custom view. Eventually I want the user to choose the color of each, but for now, I just want to get the rectangles to draw. What I don't understand is if I need a controller class for the array, or if the array code goes in my view controller class. I would like to be able to have my own rectangle class to use as a model.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I would have a single controller both controlling the view (feeding it the rectangles) and owning the array of rectangles.

As for the actual drawing, here's Apple's Cocoa Drawing Guide. There are also some handy functions for simple drawing (no gradients).

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