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We I'm looking for good WPF toolkit (ones that cost money) that can provide both powerful grid and charting. I'm not that up-to-date whats out there, so i was hoping anyone can assist me with where i should look for. some of the most needed features we need:


  • Hierarchical tree grid


  • panning and Zooming
  • 3D charts
  • Empty Data point display
  • Line chart / Scatter Plot

any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

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You might want to read this: Best charting tool for silverlight and wpf

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We're currently using two toolkits for WPF development:

They both features charts and a powerful grid, plus a bunch of other things. There isn't much between them to be honest. Telerik seems to look a bit slicker. On the other hand the technical support you get from Infragistics is first class and well worth paying for. You can get a chat session with an actual developer within a couple of minutes and they usually have a solution for whatever problem you are facing.

I would happily recommend either of these.

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