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I've got a problem with using django's {% trans %} template function. I have values translated in my messages file and it gets translated in some cases. But not all of them.

I'm trying to debug the issue. I have a block of code like this - in which I'm iterating through form's fields and outputting them:

        <td>{{ hdr_data|safe }} {% trans row_field.label_tag %}</td>
        <td>{{ row_field }}</td>
        <td>{{ row_field.errors}}</td>

If we suppose that I want to print _row_field.label_tag_ for string "ABC", which I have translated to "ZXF" the above code still prints "ABC". However if I do sth like this:

        <td>{{ hdr_data|safe }} {% trans 'ABC' %}</td>
        <td>{{ row_field }}</td>
        <td>{{ row_field.errors}}</td>

The translation is ok - I get "ZXF".

I've been trying to check what's wrong with that label_tag, and it actually is this string:

<label for="id_abc">ABC</label>

Shouldn't it be just "ABC"? Isn't this the cause of my problems? If so, why sometimes it works and sometimes not?

My django version is 1.2.1.

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field.label_tag wraps your label inside a <label> tag. To just get the text, use field.label. This is explained here.

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Great - that's what I've been looking for. –  Marcin Cylke Feb 9 '11 at 21:59

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