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I have an 3.5 app that write a zip file to a directory(Ionic Zip lib). this became a concern to my client that this could open up the server to attack. his logic was:

  • my app uses ASPNET account to write the file
  • ASPNET is a shared account that is used by other apps on the same server.
  • therefore it could be dangerous to use it to write files. he didnt go into details.

is this true? if yes, what kinda attacks? and how do i prevent it?

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It is true that one should use an account setup with the least required privileges as the website account.

The ASPNET account has quite a lot of privileges, so there is indeed a concern right there.

However, the fact that is writes a file out doesn't make the files dangerous as such. It is possible that your client meant that it can be subverted to overwrite any file in the filesystem.

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As for how to prevent it, you can set up your site in IIS to run under a different, unique account. Only give that account permission to write files into the intended directory.

You can do this by setting the site to run under a specific app pool, and then configure that app pool to run under a specific identity.

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so this is something a server admin would do. i don't have to do anything in my code. – Funky Dude Feb 9 '11 at 21:12
Yep, that's correct. – Ryan Kohn Feb 10 '11 at 18:28

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