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In my XML files, there are unicode line breaks like shown in this screenshot. Use this link to see the screenshot

bigger screenshot

The two dots after "minds." is the line break. I've googled and tried almost everything I know to replace them with ruby (1.8) but without any luck.

Here's my code (with different tries of unicodes), maybe someone could help me.

def formatedBody
  t = self.body.gsub("\u000a","<br/>")
  t = t.gsub("\u000d","<br/>")
  t = t.gsub("\u0009","<br/>")
  t = t.gsub("\u000c","<br/>")
  t = t.gsub("\u0085","<br/>")
  t = t.gsub("\u2028","<br/>")
  t = t.gsub("\u2029","<br/>")
  t = t.gsub(/0A\0A/u,"<br/>")
  return t
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Try also /\r?\n/,"<br/>". –  Nakilon Feb 9 '11 at 21:08
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The two 0x0A values are the hex representation of line-feeds. Regular ol' ASCII line feeds, AKA "\n\n" in a string.

So, t = t.gsub(/\n/, "<br/>") should work.

t = "foo\u000d\u0009\u000c\u0085\u2028\u2029\nbar"
p t

t = t.gsub(/\u000d|\u0009|\u000c|\u0085|\u2028|\u2029|\n/,"<br/>")
puts t

You can replace the list of OR'd characters with:

t = t.gsub(/[\u000d\u0009\u000c\u0085\u2028\u2029\n]/,"<br/>")

Either way, the output would look like:


The reason your

t = t.gsub(/0A\0A/u,"<br/>")

doesn't work is the regex is not correct.

t = t.gsub(/\x0A/,"<br/>")

is an alternate way of defining:

t = t.gsub(/\n/,"<br/>")
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thanx man ! you saved my hair ;) The OR'd solutiuon works like a charm ! –  ghostrifle Feb 10 '11 at 5:35
@ghostrifle glad it helped. Remember to come back and select this as the answer. –  the Tin Man Feb 10 '11 at 14:47
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I had the same issue (using ruby 1.8.7) and I simply solve it with:

t = t.gsub(/\xE2\x80(?:\xA8|\xA9)/, '<br/>')
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