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We currently have one Tomcat server running 2 webapps; one for US sites, and another webapp specifically for the EU. We have functionally partitioned the app & db along these lines; one logical instance for currently running US site, and another for the EU site.

Currently, our release process is as follows: - we deploy essentially 2 identical war's on Tomcat, except before re-starting tomcat we change a properties file to identify US, or EU webapp

What we'd like to do is automate this whole process. I'd like to deploy my 2 wars, without modifying the properties files but also without really changing my build scripts very much. Any suggestions for how to remove this manual step?

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If you are using an Ant build script you can use the filterset feature of the copy command to set the properties. You need:

  • a template property file
  • two property files (one for each webapp)

Your template file:

locale = @deploy.locale@
other.stuff.int = 123
other.stuff.string = test string

(note the @deploy.locale@ placeholder)

Your US property file:

deploy.locale = US

You EU property file:

deploy.locale = EU

In your Ant build file now you can:

  1. wipe the TMP directory
  2. compile the project into TMP directory
  3. copy the template property file merging in the US properties
  4. wrap up the TMP folder into war_for_us.war
  5. copy the war_for_us.war in your tomcat webapps directory
  6. copy the template property file merging in the EU properties
  7. wrap up the TMP folder into war_for_eu.war
  8. copy the war_for_eu.war in your tomcat webapps directory

You can also stop & start tomcat in the build script. Here's how you copy the template:

<copy todir="${tmp.dir}" overwrite="true">
    <fileset dir="templates">
        <include name="template.properties" />
    <filterset filtersfile="us.properties" />
<copy todir="${tmp.dir}" overwrite="true">
    <fileset dir="templates">
        <include name="template.properties" />
    <filterset filtersfile="eu.properties" />

See this post for other Ant deploy tips.

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