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I want to add raw sql to a Django model object. The query in SQL I would like to perform without writing the entire thing. Raw SQL is:

SELECT * FROM elements ORDER BY IF(elements.order=0, 99999, elements.order) ASC

Basically, order elements by the order field but if their order value is '0' they are ordered last.

I have tried using extra() or appending raw() without any great success... I want to be able to do something like this:

Elements.objects.all().extra("ORDER BY IF(order=0, 99999, order)")  ## or
Elements.objects.all().raw("ORDER BY IF(order=0, 99999, order)")

Any clue???

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Don't do that.

Do this.

results = list( Element.objects.filter(whatever).exclude( order__isnull=True ).order_by( order ) )
results.extend( Element.objects.filter(whatever).filter( order__isnull=False ) )

That will avoid overly complex SQL.

Try this. It's really fast. It may be faster than SQL.

def by_order( item ):
    return item.order if item.order is not None else 2**32
results = list( Element.objects.filter(whatever).all() )
results.sort( key=by_order )
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Thanks. I like the answer and the suggestion! Although, to answer the original question, is it possible to do what I asked? –  GregL83 Feb 9 '11 at 23:14

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