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I am trying to get logging going across a couple of different modules using logging.config.fileConfig() My directory looks something like this:

> Package
   > Source
   > Test

Inside in I have the following:

directory = 'C:/User/Me/workspace/Package/'
logFile = 'logger.conf'
log = logging.getLogger('Package')'Logging initialized.')

import Test

Inside in I have

log = logging.getLogger('Package.Test')'Test module started')

So the expected output for this is something like:

Logging initialized.
Test Module started.

I can get this to run and log correctly while using eclipse using Ctrl+F11. However, calling it from the interpreter results in nothing at all:

>>> import Package

The log file remains empty. Any ideas?

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It might help if you post your configuration file. – Vinay Sajip Feb 10 '11 at 8:51

By default the verbosity of logging in an interactive interpreter session will be WARNING, so your INFO messages won't show (Eclipse or a plugin may set the verbosity differently).

Change your .info calls to .warning calls - you should see some output (depending on how your configuration is set up in the conf file).

Alternatively, in your interactive session, do



import Package
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Unfortunately this did not help. I have already set the logging to DEBUG in the config file that fileConfig() is reading from. Setting the logging level to WARNING or CRITICAL for my log messages does not work. Using setLevel() yields the same results. This is quite confusing as I would have imagined Eclipse uses the same mechanism to execute Python code. – user610239 Feb 9 '11 at 22:57

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