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Why is os.path.relpath, on Windows, not returning the proper relative path when using a drive as the start point, either explicit or implied (current directory)

>>> os.getcwd()
>>> os.path.relpath(r'D:\foo\something', r"D:\\")
>>> os.chdir("D:\\")
>>> os.getcwd()
>>> os.path.relpath(r'D:\foo\something')
>>> os.path.relpath(r'D:\foo\something', r"D:\\foo")

I was expecting to see




Does it have anything to do with the os.path.join note on windows?

Note that on Windows, since there is a current directory for each drive, os.path.join("c:", "foo") represents a path relative to the current directory on drive

I am using python 2.7

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Issue is fixed under python 2.7.1

Issue #5117: Fixed root directory related issue on posixpath.relpath() and ntpath.relpath().

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