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I have a UIViewController derived class that is part of a UINavigationController's view controller.

There's the view that's part of the UIViewController and there's also access to navigationController property.

So what's the difference between




in terms of the UIViewController class?

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navigationController is just a convenient property on UIViewController that gives you access to a view controller's containing navigation controller, should it have one. Since UINavigationController extends UIViewController, it, too, has a view property. See the documentation for Getting Other Related View Controllers in UIViewController's class reference for a list of other view controller references UIViewController can potentially have.

  • self.navigationController.view.frame gives you the frame of the navigation controller's view
  • self.view.frame gives you the frame of the view controller's view

A navigation controller's view frame is larger than any of its container view controllers' view frames because it includes the navigation bar and the status bar.

Hope this helps clear things up a bit!

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+1 for Lucas........ – Sabby Feb 10 '11 at 11:00
Does it ever also include the tab bar height the Navigation controller is part of a TabBar? – Jonas Anderson Feb 11 '11 at 17:43
No. The navigation controller has no awareness of the tab bar. – LucasTizma Feb 12 '11 at 7:09

I'm not sure I understand the relationship of your view controllers, but in general view.frame returns a CGRect with coordinates (origin (x,y) and size(width,hieght)) relative to the views superview. So, if your navigationController is the parent view of your derived UIViewController, then calling 'self.view.frame' in that controller will return coordinates relative to the navigationController. Calling self.navigationController.view.frame will return its coordinates relative to its superview, whatever that might be.

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