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what is the best way to compare two objects and find the differences?

Customer a = new Customer();
Customer b = new Customer();
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One Flexible solution: You could use reflection to enumerate through all of the properties and determine which are and are not equal, then return some list of properties and both differing values.

Here's an example of some code that is a good start for what you are asking. It only looks at Field values right now, but you could add any number of other components for it to check through reflection. It's implemented using an extension method so all of your objects could use it.


    SomeCustomClass a = new SomeCustomClass();
    SomeCustomClass b = new SomeCustomClass();
    a.x = 100;
    List<Variance> rt = a.DetailedCompare(b);

My sample class to compare against

    class SomeCustomClass
        public int x = 12;
        public int y = 13;


static class extentions
    public static List<Variance> DetailedCompare<T>(this T val1, T val2)
        List<Variance> variances = new List<Variance>();
        FieldInfo[] fi = val1.GetType().GetFields();
        foreach (FieldInfo f in fi)
            Variance v = new Variance();
            v.Prop = f.Name;
            v.valA = f.GetValue(val1);
            v.valB = f.GetValue(val2);
            if (!v.valA.Equals(v.valB))

        return variances;

class Variance
    string _prop;
    public string Prop
        get { return _prop; }
        set { _prop = value; }
    object _valA;
    public object valA
        get { return _valA; }
        set { _valA = value; }
    object _valB;
    public object valB
        get { return _valB; }
        set { _valB = value; }

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+1 for "MEAT AND POTATOES" –  kehrk Dec 4 '13 at 21:20
i wouldnt call it "detailed".. what about the complex properties? and how deep you wanna go into properties ? –  user384080 Nov 6 at 0:01

The Equals method and the IEquatable<T> interface could be used to know if two objects are equal but they won't allow you to know the differences between the objects. You could use reflection by comparing comparing each property values.

Yet another approach might consist into serializing those instances into some text format and compare the differences inside the resulting strings (XML, JSON, ...).

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I think he's not looking for equality tests, but rather the collection of reasons why the two objects do not match. –  deepee1 Feb 9 '11 at 22:28
Sure, but that doesn't really make sense seeing as we have no idea what's contained in the Customer class –  Rob Feb 9 '11 at 22:29
@deepee1, @Rob, I agree that Equals and IEquatable<T> doesn't allow for finding the differences. Reflection could be used in this case. –  Darin Dimitrov Feb 9 '11 at 22:31

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