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I am simply looking for a class that will create a new jframe displaying the image "rules.jpg" which is found in the src folder of my project.

edit: i worked out how to do this just there, but the image STILL wont display when i export it to a jar, does anyone have any tips?

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To load the image from a jar, you will need to access it differently. There is nice Swing tutorial for doing exactly that:


Here is some relevant code form the tutorial:

java.net.URL imageURL = myDemo.class.getResource("images/myImage.gif");
if (imageURL != null) {
    ImageIcon icon = new ImageIcon(imageURL);
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I am wary of getting the wrong class loader when using the 'myDemo.class' form of getResource(). Instead I generally use 'this.getClass()', which forces me to do it within an instance of a custom class - thereby gaining the context class loader. –  Andrew Thompson Mar 18 '11 at 14:35

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