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Say I have a controller with many before filters. In the controller test the code is never getting to the #create method though in the spec I do post :create. In my case it was that

before_filter :user_signed_in

was not validating but the test log didn't indicate this so I had to figure it out through turning on / off all the filters in turn. Is it possible to get Rails to do some verbose logging as it processes each filter in turn and output that to the test log?

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Here's how I've solved the same problem. I'm sure the code below can still be improved a lot and possibly put into a module of it's own. Improvements wellcome.

You'll need to put the following code into the top ActionController, which usually is ApplicationController or whatever the controller is you need to track:

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

  def self.before_filter_with_logging(*arguments, &block)
    filters, conditions =
      ActionController::Filters::FilterChain.extract_options(arguments, &block)
    filter_method_names = filters.map { |fm| fm.to_s }.join(', ')
    logger.info "Setting up before_filter to #{filter_method_names}"

    filter_methods_with_logging =
      filters.map { |fm| (fm.to_s + "_with_logging").to_sym }

    filters.each { |fm|
      define_method( (fm.to_s + "_with_logging").to_sym ) { |*args|
        logger.info "Calling before_filter #{fm}"

        if args.empty?
          send fm
          send fm, args
    before_filter_without_logging(filter_methods_with_logging, &block)

  class << self
    alias_method_chain :before_filter, :logging

  before_filter :your_first_before_filter

Tomáš Pospíšek

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Does this work on Rails 3? –  Sunny Oct 14 '11 at 18:44

I don't see, why logger.info ":user_signed_in called" within that method shouldn't work. You even could do puts ":user_signed_in called", which prints that line directly between the output of rspec. Won't be pretty, but it may be easier than reading the whole test.log file.

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I think you missed the purpose of the question. I want to avoid hunting down the source code of every filter and inserting a Rails.logger command there. I was hoping that there might be some hooks in rails to allow tracing of the callback sequence. –  bradgonesurfing Feb 13 '11 at 4:03

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