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this is what it looks like:

<iframe id="uploads" name="uploads" src="/uploads/sinisa/" frameborder="yes" scrolling="no" onload="setTimeout(autoResize('uploads'),10)">

it points to directory and retrieves files in list view. i need to remove/change line "index of /uploads/sinisa" and "Parent directory". i've managed to read iframe content with:


but don't know what to do next. website i am talking about is here.

p.s. also i am wondering how to change iframe link's styling

many thanks

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You could get the value of the ul element instead of the body element, as this has the content I assume you are after.


Note this will get all the <li> elements but not the parent ul itself, so you would need to create opening and closing <ul></ul> elements.

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ok, nice tip. but how to remove/change desired content now? – daniel Feb 10 '11 at 1:18

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