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My Hidden Field:

- @calc.results.each do |k, v|
  = hidden_field :calc_result, :value => "#{k[:total_interest]}"

Which returns :


How can I write the hidden_field so that it produces :

"value" => "214.14"
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You don't need to pass :value, just say this:

= hidden_field_tag :calc_result, "#{k[:total_interest]}"

That should get you what you want.

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Hmm.. so strange. That returns this in html => <input type="hidden" name="calc_result[39.12]" id="calc_result_39.12"> and this in rails "117.68"=>"", –  Trip Feb 10 '11 at 3:03
See the update I just posted. Since this isn't generated inside a form object, you need to use hidden_field_tag. –  TheDelChop Feb 10 '11 at 3:11

By using hidden_field, the name attribute is interpreted from the field name (in this case :calc_result.

If value is not a field in the model, you could use hidden_field_tag instead.

= hidden_field_tag "value", k[:total_interest]}
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