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I am seeing that a string comparison of two identical strings ('fraiser') in Python is failing. When using repr(str1) and repr(str2) I get different results, but I don't know how to interpret them or why they return different things. Any help?

>>> repr(list(lowerAndMakeSet(fileChunks))[3])


>>> repr(list(lowerAndMakeSet(c))[2])

"['f', 'r', 'a', 'i', 's', 'e', 'r']"
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A few questions come to mind: 1. What are you trying to accomplish? 2. What version of python are you using? 3. What does the lowerAndMakeSet function do (please post the code). 4. What is fileChunks (please post code)? –  drozzy Feb 10 '11 at 3:02

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Your second "string" that you are repring is actually a list and not a string. You can see this if you do type(list(lowerAndMakeSet(c))[2]).

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