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I am using icepdf - opensource java application for pdf viewer in my web. ICEPDF works fine for me (I can view pdf using this) but now I want to add print option to this. Is this possible. Is there any war file for this so that I will deploy it in tomcat.

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If your using the viewer as an Applet then you can use the "print" button on the toolbar to print. If your using the ICEfaces webapp example or a variant of it then printing will be difficult via the browser. The Servlet responsible for rendering a PDF page render a page at a time. In order to print the whole document all pages in the document would have to be rendered to the browser before a print could be initiated.

Other PDF viewer web apps often push the print command off to a client side Applet or some native PDF viewer.

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thank u so much. i am using icepdf viewer as applet. now i want to disable 'save-as' button from the toolbar available at the top.how to do that . please help me :( –  hjaffer2001 Feb 18 '11 at 8:47
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The PropertyManager class can be used to configure the UI. Create a new instance, set the desired overrides and pass pass it into the SwingViewBuilder constructor.

SwingController controller = new SwingController(); PropertiesManager properties = new PropertiesManager(System.getProperties(), ResourceBundle.getBundle(PropertiesManager.DEFAULT_MESSAGE_BUNDLE));

properties.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_SAVE, Boolean.FALSE);

SwingViewBuilder factory = new SwingViewBuilder(controller, properties);

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