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I am checking memory allocation in performance tool, i am getting more than 90 MB memory allocation while running an app for 30-40 mins.Can anyone tell me at which extent memory allocation can go or there is some specification of APPLE for memory allocation or what is criteria to upload it on an appstore or what .

Please hme next week app is going to upload on an appstore

Manjot Singh

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This is too vague. What app are you making and what are you suspecting? You need to be more specific or else we cannot help. –  futureelite7 Feb 10 '11 at 6:38

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I pretty sure that your app has tons of leaks, if you are saying that memory usage grows during time. This could be the reason why appstore can reject your app, so you'd better fix that.

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Use Instruments to find memory leaks: in Xcode, chose the menu Run -> Run with Perfomance Tool -> Leaks. See for example this article or this article on how to find and fix memory leaks with Instruments.

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