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I am developing a non-appstore app for iOS. I want to read the cellular signal strength in my code.

I know Apple doesn't provide any API by which we can achieve this.

Is there any private API that can be used to achieve this? I have gone through the various threads regarding this issue but could not find any relevant info.

It is completely possible because there is an app in the app-store for detecting the carrier's signal strength.

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Does the value coming from VAFieldTest is accurate? – Dee Mar 18 '13 at 6:11

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I briefly looked at the VAFieldTest project located at Github.

There seems to be getSignalStrength() and register_notification() functions in Classes/VAFieldTestViewController.m that might be interesting to you as they call into CoreTelephony.framework.

I am pretty confident that some of the used calls are undocumented in the CoreTelephony framework documentation from Apple and therefore private - any app in the AppStore must have slipped passed inspection.

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@Niels Castle How can I convert the signal strength that I got using VAFieldTest application to dBm? – Dee Mar 18 '13 at 11:47
Follow the link to Github and you'll be able to interact directly with Vlad, the maintainer of VAFieldTest. – Niels Castle Mar 18 '13 at 15:01
Is it possible to get other parameters as well : RSCP (signal level), SC (Scrambling Code) and EcNo (Signal To Noise Ratio)? – luksmir May 17 '13 at 6:27

It is not very hard.

  1. Link CoreTelephony.framework in your Xcode project
  2. Add the following lines where you need it


int CTGetSignalStrength(); // private method (not in the header) of Core Telephony

- (void)aScanMethod
    NSLog(@"%d", CTGetSignalStrength()); // or do what you want

And you are done.

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not run with IOS 8.3 – vualoaithu Apr 21 at 1:55

I haven't tested it, but apparently this is now a method of CTTelephonyNetworkInfo instead of a global/static function.

The return type is id, so I think you get either a NSDictionary (as the _cachedSignalStrength ivar implies) or an NSNumber (as the old function implies).

id signalStrength = [[CTTelephonyNetworkInfo new] signalStrength];

This changed in iOS 8.3, as you can see from the commit.

Note that this is still not documented! So if your app will go in the App Store, take your precautions.

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