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i have a qt object QTreeView ( and i want to switch tab positions. Basicly i have a filled TreeView. And the function

columnViewportPosition ( int column ) 

returns 0 for the first column and let's say 50 for the second. I want to switch them so that the are displayed in a different order, so that columnViewportPosition would return 50 for the first column and 0 for the second. How do i do that?

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Also would accept a way of changing the order of all tabs in a Qtreeview and not just switching of positions. – Feb 10 '11 at 8:21

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Hi found it out by myself. Its actually really easy.

call the header() function to get the QHeaderView. It has all the neccesary functions needed: For example the function swapSections called with swapSections(1, 0) will swap the first and second column.

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