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I am using wordpress permalink format: /year/month/postname in my wordpress blog. Most of the blog posts that I write are tutorials / how-tos. So it doesn't make sense to organize on based of date.

I would like to know your comments / suggestions on how do you organize your urls in wordpress. I know wordpress does not recommended permalink based on category name: /category/postname, but I would like to organize urls based on categories without affecting blob performance.

  • /year/month/postname -> good
  • /postid/postname -> good
  • /category/postname -> bad
  • /author/postname -> bad

Please give your feedback on your favorite permalink structure keeping both performance and seo in mind.


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This is not a programming question, it doesn't belong on Stack Overflow. If you want to ask about SEO, use If you want to ask about using and customizing WordPress, ask on – Dan Grossman Feb 10 '11 at 8:33
Here is a great post on the WordPress permalink structure and picking the best option: – Daniel Jul 15 at 22:22

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It actually depends on your blog content.

By default I 90% go for simple /postname/ only

If the year or month is important for the blog (which you say isn't for your case), then only I add year or month to it. I never add the date unless it's very important for the google search (maybe for news blogs etc.).

It's important to keep your URL short. And important to have your keywords in the URL. So I just do what's needed, and get rid of what not. That's my general point of view on this.

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