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I have this partial code:

if ($getRecords = $con->prepare("SELECT * FROM AUCTIONS WHERE ARTICLE_NO = ?"))



$getHtml->bind_param("i", $pk);



$getRecords->bind_param("i", $pk); 



Which otherwise runs OK, however I get an error:

Number of bind variables doesn't match number of fields in prepared statement

On the last line I posted.

I am not sure what the problem is. I want to use some columns seperate, eg ARTICLE_DESC. Does this mean I cannot use select *, and must put in each of the column names in the query?

edit: is it necessary to bind? are there security or performance advantages to be gained? Can I just as well do without?

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Really you should be setting the names of the columns rather then using *.

This way, you will know exactly which columns to pass to the bind_result method.

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If you are binding results, you should not be doing this with a wildcard in your SQL query. Think of what would happen if a column was added or removed from the table you are binding.

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