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I am working on a Visual Studio Package project. This project needs a connection to our TFS. To read the current connection, I would need the TeamFoundationServerExt object, which I should be able to get from the dte2 object.

Now I found hundreds of examples and most of them are working with an "_application" variable, which seems to get automatically filled, but of course not for the "Visual Studio Package" project type.

How can I get the TeamFoundationServerExt object of the currently running VS2010?

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You should be able to do the following from a VSPackage to get the current DTE object:

DTE2 dte = ServiceProvider.GlobalProvider.GetService(typeof(SDTE)) as DTE2;

You may also need to check that your package isn't in a "Zombie" (i.e. starting up) state in case you're getting null from the GetService call.

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Thx, the Zombie-state was the important part! –  Feroc Feb 14 '11 at 8:49
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