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  1. when pop up a page to show crystal report, press printer button will pop up print as pdf, but expect printer?

Edit : left hand corner printer icon button do not pop up a printer dialog to print paper, but pop up a dialog titled print as pdf

when i try to answer this question stackoverflow's answer can not type in IE6, i answer here -> CrystalReportViewer1.PrintMode = CrystalDecisions.Web.PrintMode.ActiveX;

  1. How to close left hand side list panel, can not find HasXXXX to close it?

CrystalReportViewer1.HasToggleGroupTreeButton = false; CrystalReportViewer1.HasToggleParameterPanelButton = false; CrystalReportViewer1.HasDrilldownTabs = false;
CrystalReportViewer1.HasZoomFactorList = false; CrystalReportViewer1.HasPrintButton = true;

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  1. Is this in ASP.NET ? When you click the print button it will display the list of available printers on the client not the server. I'm not sure I fully understand your question.

  2. You need to set the DisplayGroupTree property to false There is also a ShowGroupTreeButton property which toggles whether the user is allowed to show or hide the Group Tree Pane.

        // C# Code
        // Hide the Group Tree Pane
        this.crystalReportViewer1.DisplayGroupTree = false;
        // Hide the Group Tree Panel Toolbar Button
        this.crystalReportViewer1.ShowGroupTreeButton = false;


I think you need to set the ToolPanelView to None or null for CR2008

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It is asp .net, no CrystalReportViewer1.DisplayGroupTree How to do? –  Jo0o0 Feb 10 '11 at 10:04
no CrystalReportViewer1.ShowGroupTreeButton. First question is pop up crystal report, the printer button is showing print as pdf not printer –  Jo0o0 Feb 10 '11 at 10:08
There is a printer icon button at the left hand side corner, but it do not show printer dialog to print paper –  Jo0o0 Feb 10 '11 at 10:09
no CrystalReportViewer1.DisplayGroupTree, i am using crystal report 2008, will it be affected? –  Jo0o0 Feb 10 '11 at 10:12
CrystalReportViewer1.ToolPanelView = CrystalDecisions.Web.ToolPanelViewType.None; Second question is Success. –  Jo0o0 Feb 10 '11 at 10:25

The answer to your second question (hide the group tree/left side panel) is:

CrystalReportViewer1.ToolPanelView = CrystalDecisions.Windows.Forms.ToolPanelViewType.None;
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