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I've got a question about actionscript

E.g. three textboxes with names country1, country2, country3

how do I insert text into those textboxes using dynamic variables





["country" + a].text = "AAA"

["country" + a].text = "BBB"

["country" + a].text = "CCC"


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What actionscript version are you talking about? – Ioannis Karadimas Feb 10 '11 at 9:49
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If you can go, just so I know you have the code in the correct place.

country1.text = "hello"; // I assume that works.

then you can go.

this["country" + a].text = "AAA"; // Then that will work. 
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this["country" + a].text = "AAA"

Or something more complex:

var countries:Array = new Array();
countries['1'] = "UK";
countries['2'] = "Poland";
countries['3'] = "France";

for (key in countries){
    this["country" + key] = countries[key];
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