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what's the good MVC Framework to develop a website like stackoverflow(question answer website) ?

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What have you tried yourself, which research have you put in before asking this question? – Sander Feb 10 '11 at 9:56

ASP.NET MVC3 is the latest incarntion from microsoft. If you're familiar with .NET thats probably a good one to choose.

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Well, if you want a MVC Web framework, you can try with Ruby on Rails, seems it is a full MVC framework which is also easy to learn and fast for developing.

If your target is to support a site with the characteristics of stacoverflow (I mean, the amount of users, for instance), I think you can go with something more "stable" and with less resources comsuption, like cakePHP, which is basically a PHP port of Rails, bringing you the best of both worlds (Ruby and PHP).

If you are more a Microsoft person, you can try ASP.NET MVC or Monorail (which is inspired by rails but has nothing to do with Mono nor Rails).


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Have you seen Shapado? It is a stackoverflow clone that is built with Ruby on Rails. You can checkout their source code here.

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