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I would like to build a music bisualiser for the iphone. I have development experience but not on the iphone platform. Can anyone recommend any books worth buying to get started...?

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You can refer Apple's Documentation to begin with.There are a lot of forums and blogs to refer from once you have started development and want to refer on a particular topic.

You can use "Head First iPhone Development" as the first book to begin with programming in iPhone.


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For books and video for beginners, take a look at this post, pay attention to the 1st and 2nd highest voted answers, Are there any better videos that the stanford iphone series?

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I'm an experienced (30+ years) architect/developer/etc. (C,C++,windows, linux, wxWidgets), but I had absolutely no Cocoa, Mac, Iphone, Objective-C etc. experience, and I got started on iPhone programming with:

Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK by Dave Mark, Jeff LaMarche

I really liked it. I repeatedly referred to it while developing my first few apps, and before I knew enough to use the Apple documentation effictively.

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