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How do I add local jar files (not yet part of the Maven repository) directly in my project's library sources?

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seriously why was this closed? It's a damn fine questions and one whose answer google does not readily reveal. Whenever I run into this situation I have to go a dig around. Shame someone though this should be closed. –  user1172468 Apr 25 '13 at 22:21
This is a real question, and the answer is useful. –  noisesmith Sep 5 '13 at 12:44
This was closed as not a real question, however it has a duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/4491199/… –  Dave Jarvis Sep 11 '13 at 1:22
Voted to re-open so it can be marked as duplicate properly. –  Matt Fellows Oct 9 '13 at 9:56

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Install the JAR into your local Maven repository as follows:

 mvn install:install-file

Where: <path-to-file>  the path to the file to load
   <group-id>      the group that the file should be registered under
   <artifact-id>   the artifact name for the file
   <version>       the version of the file
   <packaging>     the packaging of the file e.g. jar


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Instructions to install on my build had everything except the generatePom part. That appears to be crucial. –  Jason D Jul 14 at 18:43

You can go ( as mentions in build maven project with propriatery libraries included) like this:

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There are times when you want to specifically test an old jar for example, and I think this answer is a good fit for that. It's the one I needed. Upvoted –  John Lockwood Oct 31 at 21:19

Yes , you can have but its not good idea.

Instead install all these jars to maven repos

Also See

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The preferred way would be to create your own remote repository.

See here for details on how to do it. Have a look at the 'Uploading to a Remote Repository' section.

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Of course you can add jars to that folder. But maybe it does not what you want to achieve...

If you need these jars for compilation, check this related question: Can I add jars to maven 2 build classpath without installing them?

Also, before anyone suggests it, do NOT use the system scope.

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One way is to upload it to your own Maven repositoy manager (such as Nexus). It's good praxis to have an own repository manager anyway.

Another nice way I've recently seen is to include the Maven Install Plugin in your build lifecycle: You declare in the POM to install the files to the local repository. It's a little but small overhead and no manual step involved.


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