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I have a requirement to store jsp content in a oracle database. I retrieve it from the database and store it in a string and output it by setting escapeXML to false which renders the html.

<c:out value="${myProfileForm.skinElement.footerContent}" escapeXml="false"/>

This works fine except for tags which end up resolving as html and not tags for example:

        <c:when test="${displayLinks=='true'}">
            <jsp:include page="header-myprofile.jsp" />
        <c:when test="${displayLinks=='false'}">
            <jsp:include page="header-no-menu.jsp" />
            <jsp:include page="header-myprofile.jsp" />

Is there a way to store jsp tags in a database?

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Instead of storing JSP in database you can achieve the same thing by using a Templating Engine like Velocity or FreeMarker.

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Thanks. Seems like the long term solution. In the short term I have to use a jsp – teslaza Feb 10 '11 at 12:30

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