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in routes.rb, I set a controller and a action as root, it works very well when I visit root in development mode.

now , I try to use nginx to hook rails app together, seemed nginx.conf need rails public folder which is not the root path set in the routes.rb.

index under public folder only can be a static html, how could I hook nginx with rails action as root?

Thanks for your answer!

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nginx is only a webserver - have you installed something like Passenger as your app server to run your application in? It's perfectly normal to map the webserver to your public folder but then the application server will process the request and serve back your app for you

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I install thin server, and start thin succsfully. but the guide said that I need set the nginx.conf root as public folder of rails app which is not my root path set in routes.rb. when I visit ip:80, it always get a nginx page, not my main page, that is my question. –  Hunter Feb 11 '11 at 16:15
Thanks for the answer. I installed thin and nginx, and it finally success under ubuntu. I was failed to config nginx in fedora, I think it should be config issue. –  Hunter Feb 14 '11 at 9:46

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