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Is have about 20 label/input pairs on a page that use JS to give them unique styling. For this to work they must have matching id's on each pair.

This is the way the I would like the HTML to be formatted:

<p class="radioBtn">
    <label for="business00"></label>
    <input id="business00" type="radio" name="radioBtn" value="" />
<p class="radioBtn">    
    <label for="private00"></label>
    <input id="private00" type="radio" name="radioBtn" value="" />
<p class="radioBtn">
    <label for="business01"></label>
    <input id="business01" type="radio" name="radioBtn" value="" />
<p class="radioBtn">    
    <label for="private01"></label>
    <input id="private01" type="radio" name="radioBtn" value="" />

and so on.

Can this be achieved using ASP.NET? Many thanks in advance.

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possible duplicate of Html label tag and ASP.NET –  David d C e Freitas Mar 24 at 2:50

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I think this will answer your question.

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Basically, just use "AssociatedControlID" <asp:Label ... AssociatedControlID="Username" ...> –  Stuart Apr 16 at 21:00

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