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I'm planning to dive into EJB so I'm looking for a simple EJB container.


  • Eclipse plugin
  • zero install
  • good community support (forum, blog)
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Glassfish would be a good choice. Especially since its a relatively small download, starts up really fast and is always up to date with the Java EE specifications.

JBoss AS isn't really that bad either. It's also free, but is a somewhat larger download, starts up slower and not being the reference implementation means its always a little behind Glassfish. Although the Java EE edition of Eclipse bundles a WTP adaptor for JBoss AS, you'd be better off installing the separate adaptor from JBoss tools if you want incremental deployment.

I did find the JBoss community to be really helpful, especially the EJB and overall JBoss AS communities (via the JBoss forum).

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I've downlloaded JBoss AS 6. It was easy to integrate to Eclipse (only with WTP adaptor) and I made the first EBJ. Thanks! – ksimon Feb 13 '11 at 10:44
You're welcome! – Arjan Tijms Feb 13 '11 at 10:54

I'd sugest you GlassFish AS. It is free and also has full implementation of the Java EE spec.

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