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I want to find all files with extension x in all sub folders containing string s, how do I do this?

grep -nr s .*.x ?????


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Sorry I wasn't 100% accurate, I did actually want the contents of the files, I have worked out <grep -nr s --include=*x .> –  Dirk Nachbar Feb 10 '11 at 11:42

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GNU find

find . -iname "*.x" -type f -exec grep -l "s" {} +; 

If you have Ruby(1.9+)

Dir["/path/**/*.x"].each do |file|
  if test(?f,file)
   open(file).each do |line|
     if line[/s/]
       puts "file: #{file}"
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I would first find the *.x files, and then search the string you are interested in with grep:

$ find directory -name "*.x" -exec grep -Hn s {} \;
  • -name "*.x" searches recursively every file sufixed with x.
  • -exec grep ... {} \; searchs the s string for each encountered file.
  • -H is recommended, since you wouldn't know which file matched the expression.
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