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I need to filter, - inclusive

Anyone know if there is a regular expression I can use to do this?

Thanks, C

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If you need a strict regular expression, don't forget that . matches any character, so


will match "213d190c149a125" for example, which is not what you want.

On top of what, you're capturing each of the 3 digits, which is resource consuming for no apparent reason. A simple yet stricter regex would be closer to what @Marc suggested:

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Don't know how Google Analytics expects the expression but this would be a valid regualar expression for your request:[0-7]

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..except that without start and end anchors and not escaping the dots, it will accept for instance "blahblah213a190b149c120moreblah" –  Crayon Violent Feb 10 '11 at 17:30

Okay.Found this link...

and it outputs...


Very handy for anyone else looking to do this.

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